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Sandy Logan

Sandy Logan



My name is Sandy Logan, I'm from Edinburgh and build websites and web applications for a living.

I've been lucky enough to work with lots of interesting people over the years: bands, shops, artists, writers, heritage organisations, clubs, societies, photographers and videogame developers, working alongside local and international clients.

You can see some of my recent projects in my folio, find out what kind of skills I have, or contact me.

You can also check out some of my recent recommendations from cinema, TV, books, music, exhibitions, food and games in Things.



Alice Melvin Greeting Cards

Alice Melvin

Alice is an incredibly talented, award-winning illustrator whose work will be very familiar to both Edinburgh residents and visitors to the Tate alike! Many of her projects, including books, cards, prints, hand puppets and mobiles are available for purchase through her online store.
This Plus That

This Plus That

He writes! He skateboards! He musics! He performs! And more! Dougal Marwick does loads of things and you can find about about this tremendously talented chap here...
Love Art London

Love Art London

Love Art London began as a club offering unique, behind the scenes events to a community of members. This included visits to artists' studios, gallery tours and talks featuring guest speakers from throughout the art world. It has now evolved and delivers tailored experiences to corporate clients.
Graeme Yule

Graeme Yule

Graeme is an Edinburgh-based photographer with work ranging across commercial and freelance projects.
Herman Brown

Herman Brown

Based in the city's West Port, Herman Brown is an Edinburgh institution, specialising in a wide range of timeless vintage fashion for every occasion.
Project V8

Project V8

Vigilante 8 is a cult videogame (think Mad Max meets Boogie Nights) first published in 1998. My fansite, Project V8, followed shortly afterwards and offers a comprehensive look at characters, locations, strategies, alongside rare and unpublished archival material. In 2008 I was asked to develop the promotional site for the Xbox 360 release, V8 Arcade (yes, my name is actually in the game credits, woo-hoo!)


I have nearly twenty years of experience in developing websites and web applications across both enterprise and open source platforms.

As well as the technical side of development, I enjoy the collaborative aspect of working with clients, getting to know their business in order to build a website that best meets their needs (and those of their customers).

I’m also a big fan of Agile methodology, particularly Scrum, in terms of getting workable software into users’ hands on a regular basis and responding quickly to change.

A keen advocate of modern web design and development, I ensure that solutions work well across mobile, tablet and desktop devices via the principles of Responsive Design.

As such, my current front-end work focuses on using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to deliver clean, user friendly interfaces.

Open source skills include the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack and associated CMSs, from well known software such as WordPress and TextPattern, to small-but-powerful platforms like Pixie and Frog.

I’ve been working on Oracle projects for the last 10 years, including Oracle database technology (SQL, PL/SQL, Text, Spatial, Intermedia), delivering modern web applications and websites through Oracle’s web framework, Application Express (APEX).

GIS experience includes working at the database level with Oracle Spatial and using JavaScript APIs from ESRI ArcGIS API for JavaScript to Google Maps and leaflet.js to deliver interactive web maps.

In terms of eCommerce, I have developed online shop and membership sites on commercial platforms as well as hosted solutions such as BigCartel.

Social Media: all the usuals – , Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine.

Determining, designing and implementing analytics solutions also play a big part in most projects I work on.


A few recent recommendations...

Zodiac - David Fincher

ZodiacRobert Graysmith

Part novel, part police report: this (and followup, Zodiac Unmasked) offer a comprehensive, albeit unsettling background to David Fincher's film.

John Carter

John CarterAndrew Stanton

Sadly buried at the cinema, hopefully this will find it's audience over the next few years on home media. The source novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs, of which there are several (with the film based on the first, 'A Princess of Mars') are excellent pulp sci-fi.

Unofficial behind-the-scenes book 'John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood' is an insight into how it's chances may have been hampered by poor marketing and studio politics. And a recent fan made trailer plays up the the civil war origins and love story that are the heart of the film.

Over the WallVoodoo Rooms

One fantastic album (Treacherous) and a handful of great EPs, sadly this was OtW's last Edinburgh gig before calling it a day. Sad to see you go, but all the best for the future chaps!

PandemicMatt Leacock

Boardgame love-in / videogame-replacement continues with this corker by @mattleacock. Rather than compete against each other, players need to co-operate in order to stem the flow of four viruses that relentlessly spread across the board. Perfect with friends + beer and shorter than Trivial Pursuit by about four hours.

Building Stories - Chris Ware

Building StoriesChris Ware

Beautiful, multi-part comic boxset with a Choose Your Own Adventure feel from Chris Ware, author of 'Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth'.

Primer - Shane Carruth

PrimerShane Carruth

Low-budget existential time travel. More fun than it sounds, especially if you like analysing films afterwards via the medium of flow diagrams.

Sorcerer - William Friedkin

SorcererWilliam Friedkin

William Friedken's long forgotten classic finally given the treatment it deserves. Always exciting to see a lost gem like this for the first time, the bridge sequence alone is the stuff of nightmares. US Blu Ray is region free FYI...

OceanoAnouck Boisrobert

Anouck Boisrobert's pop-up books - also including Dans la forĂȘt du paresseux and Popville - are both beautifully illustrated and cleverly designed, literally layering the story with each turn of the page.

Star: The Life and Wild Times Of Warren BeattyPeter Biskind

Comprehensive biography that highlights how influential (and overlooked) Beatty was in the transition from old to new Hollywood. Covers his work from Bonnie and Clyde, through to personal projects like Reds and 70's classics like The Parallax View.

Dude Incredible - Shellac

Dude IncredibleShellac

7 years between albums is loooong, but then again, I also love AC/DC.

Goon - Michael Dowse

GoonMichael Dowse

Very surprised to admit that the best film I've seen in years is an ice hockey comedy starring Stifler from American Pie...


Feel free to email me at:

“contact” at sandylogan dot co dot uk